Can I get Fibre Optic Broadband in my Area?

Feb 16, 2022

The internet is central to almost everything that we do as a society. It enables us to keep in touch with loved ones, access media, even control the heating in our homes. It is also essential for businesses to thrive and grow, communicate with their customers – and amongst themselves, within the organisation.

As with all technology, it is quickly evolving. It was not too long ago that we were all accessing the internet via dial-up connections on our telephone lines. In the world that we live in today, we need our internet service to be as fast and reliable as possible. The best solution for excellent internet service in the UK is for a broadband service.

What Broadband do you Need? Broadband internet has enabled faster connections for internet users, evolving the way that we use the internet, as it has become faster, more reliable, and more available. When it comes to deciding on the broadband internet service that you choose, there are generally two different options available to you – copper and fibre optic internet connections.

These connections work by connecting your home or premises to an exchange and the two different options that are available to you refer to the type of cables that are used to make this connection.

Copper connections use twisted copper strands to enable electrical signals to pass down the cable. Although copper cable is relatively inexpensive to install, it can quickly degenerate and is left open to interference. The quality of your internet can also be reduced the further that the signal has to travel. These copper cables are used to connect ADSL and ADSL2+ broadband to you.

Fibre optic connections use fibre optic cables, with signals passing through light, making the connection quicker. These cables are thinner, meaning that larger quantities of cables can be joined together and that there is less of a risk of degeneration compared to copper cables. There is also a lower chance of interference. This is the best and quickest option at the moment in the UK.

There are two kinds of fibre optic connections that are possible. Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) involves the use of a fibre optic cable running from the exchange to a street cabinet, which then takes a copper cable to the individual properties.

Alternatively, Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fibre to the Home (FTTH), or Full Fibre involves a fibre optic cable running directly from the exchange to a distribution point, straight to the property, with no copper cable at all, being the fastest, most reliable, and least likely to degenerate option.

These are all considerations that need to be made when you are looking at how to connect to the internet, but it is important to note that fibre optic connections are not always available in all areas of the UK at the moment.

Considering Business Broadband Requirements Having a reliable and fast internet connection is essential for a business in 2022. When you are considering your business's broadband requirements, there are several aspects that you need to think about. These include:

  • The speed – depending on how much of your business relies on the internet, you will need to consider the most appropriate internet speed for you.
  • Support – being able to get support quickly and effectively should there be a problem with your internet is essential for businesses – especially if a high amount of your work is carried out online.
  • Security – Many businesses use the internet for communication as well as holding and processing payments, customer data, and potentially other sensitive information. There is always a degree of security risk with online working, so it is vital that you take the security mitigation measures into account.
  • Website hosting and domain names – some internet service providers also offer web hosting services.

Review Fibre Optic Availability Although fibre optic broadband is ideal for both business and domestic customers, it is, unfortunately, still not available everywhere in the UK. You will need to, therefore, check the fibre optic availability in your area.

Will Netomnia Bring Fibre Optic to Your Area? Here at Netomnia, we are aiming to roll out our ultrafast full fibre connection throughout the UK. We are working in three phases –

Phase 1 – involves the areas where we have already installed full fibre broadband and our customers are enjoying high speed, reliable internet.

Phase 2 – involves the areas that we are currently working on.

Phase 3 – involves the areas that we are planning on working in in the future.

Check Current Broadband Coverage

When you are considering your full fibre broadband, you will need to check the fibre optic availability in your area to see whether it is an option for you.