What Internet Speed Do I Need for My Business?

Feb 16, 2022

Many companies use the internet to conduct essential activities and operations such as communicating internally and transmitting vital business documents. A reliable internet connection is a must in the modern business world.

But what internet speed do you need for your business? You must have internet speeds that will support your business operations and enable your employees to work efficiently. However, you do not want to pay for expensive, super-fast broadband if you can get away with a cheaper service.

To help you make the right decision, here is everything you need to know about internet speeds when comparing different broadband packages for your business.

Understanding Internet Speeds

Internet speed is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a broadband package for your business. Internet speeds are measured in megabits per second (Mbps). The more Mbps you have, the faster the broadband will be.

Internet speed can be broken down into two types: download speed and upload speed.

Download speeds

Download speed is how many Mbps it takes to download data from a server to your electronic device in the form of videos, images, audio, and files. Business activities like downloading business documents will use your download data.

Upload speeds

Upload speed refers to how quickly you can upload data from your electronic device to the internet e.g. when you are backing up hard drives or using videoconferencing software.

Most internet uses spend more time downloading than uploading data on the internet, so many providers offer higher download speeds. However, the importance of upload speeds should not be overlooked, especially in a business environment. Take a look at this article for key business activities that require good upload speeds.

What are your Current Speeds?

You can easily check your current internet speeds by running a broadband speed test. For example, Speedtest is a free app that measures the time it takes for data to transfer between your device and a remote server.

The test only takes a couple of minutes to complete, and you will receive information on your connection's upload and download speeds in Mbps. There are lots of other websites offering internet speed tests that you can use for free.

Key Considerations when Choosing Internet Speeds

Small Businesses

Small businesses typically use less internet and so they can get away with slower internet speeds. According to Business Comparison, internet speeds of 25Mbps should be sufficient if you have less than five users connected at one time doing basic online activities such as downloading files or communicating via cloud-based software.

SMBs with between 10 and 15 users who need regular access to cloud-based services and other internet activities should consider packages with speeds of around 150MBPs.

Large Businesses

Most large companies will require broadband services offering high-speed internet to keep their businesses running smoothly. A business with more than 15 employees using the internet should look for broadband services with speeds of around 250Mbps.

Larger businesses with more than 20 people should consider investing in business broadband offering internet speeds of 500Mbps or more.


Make sure you consider how many users will be connected to the internet at the same time and how frequently they will use the internet. If most of your employees require access to the internet throughout the day, then you will need faster internet speeds to support their online activities.

Industry Sector

The industry you work in will also affect what internet service you require. Connect 2 Local advises that the following industries need high-speed internet the most: hotels, graphic designers, retail shops, and doctor's offices.

If you work in an industry that needs reliable, fast connectivity to conduct essential business operations and provide necessary services, then you will require a high-speed internet connection.


Your budget will obviously play a role in what internet package you choose. Fortunately, many internet providers are offering high-speed broadband at affordable prices.

You may also be able to take advantage of new customer deals to reduce your monthly broadband costs. Make sure that you shop around and compare broadband providers to find the best deals.

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