Who we are

The people who believe in unleashing the UK's potential with Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband.

We’re Netomnia, the fastest-growing network operator specialising in connecting homes and businesses to Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband – the fastest and most reliable there is.

We’re all spending more of our lives online, at home and at work. But broadband in the UK is currently split into the haves and the have-nots: those who have access to Full Fibre, and those who don’t.

Up until now, it’s come down to geography and the cost of upgrading the infrastructure. While many countries and cities in the world have made the switch, people in the UK have had to settle for substandard speeds, unreliable connections and buffering for far too long.

Netomnia is here to put that right. With decades of industry experience between us and a unifying desire to help people, we founded our company in 2019 to level the digital playing field and bring you the benefits of Ultrafast Full Fibre connectivity.