Future ready fibre

Digital connectivity can be confusing. With us, it’s simple – we only roll out Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband.

Why Ultrafast Full Fibre?

Netomnia is investing hundreds of millions of pounds in a new open Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) infrastructure across the United Kingdom. We are building a fast and reliable infrastructure to create a sustainable future.


Fibre utilises light (photon), nothing travels faster than light. To put in perspective it is 300,000 kilometers per second or 186,000 miles per second (faster than Superman).

Reliable, full stop.

The copper network that you are currently using was invented by Alexander Graham Bell (thank you) and built over 100 years ago hence the speed degradation and intermittent issues. A new fibre network that can survive thousands of years.

Welcome to the future

Fibre enables our world to be better. Better education through online courses, more sustainable through lower power consumption, and more freedom by empowering people.

Our network is growing fast.

We’re investing in a new full fibre network, helping transform the digital landscape right across the UK. Future proofing homes and businesses with a reliable, high-quality, and high-speed internet connection.

With live networks already across the country and many more to come, we are dedicated to helping forgotten parts of the UK to create a sustainable future.

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North East, United Kingdom

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