Fibre Broadband in Houghton

North East, United Kingdom

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Houghton Full Fibre Network


Improving connectivity for over 35,000 homes and businesses


Up to £10,500,000 will be invested to deliver the infrastructure


FTTP network is now live!

We're An FTTP Network Builder

At Netomnia, we are an independent full fibre network builder. This means that we put the fibre optic cables in the ground and our partner ISP will provide you with your package.

Being separate from other networks (such as Openreach and Virgin) means that we are able to provide you with even more choice when it comes to your broadband.

You don’t have to be served by the same, slow, unresponsive broadband provider when your contract ends anymore.

What is Full Fibre Broadband

Full fibre broadband is a new type of broadband that is made of entirely fibre optic cables.
Currently, a lot of the broadband networks across the UK are made of both fibre optic cables AND copper cables. This means you aren’t receiving the fastest possible speeds!

Our ISP Partners

Because we are only the full fibre network builder (and not the internet service provider), it means that we are unable to sell you broadband.

This means that if you are looking for a new broadband package over our network, you must go through our ISP partners.

YouFibre offer incredible packages for low-costs. Their customer service is responsive and able to help you through any situation. Don’t believe us? Their 4.9 Trustpilot score speaks for itself.



Benefits of Full Fibre Broadband

Faster speeds – receive internet speeds that are lightning fast and that can handle all of the devices in your home, even in the peak hours.

Ultra-reliable - you won’t have to worry about seeing a flashing red light ever again.

Clearer video calls – whether you work from home, or just keep in touch with loved ones often, you can have crystal clear video and audio calls.