What is a Wayleave Agreement?

A wayleave agreement allows a service provider the right to install equipment through or over a third party's land.

For businesses about to sign a tenancy agreement, it's a detail that shouldnt be overlooked.

How can this affect my business?

If a wayleave agreement can't be secured, this could mean that network operators like Netomnia would not be allowed to install essential full fibre cables.

This could leave you relying on an antiquated phone line to facilitate your broadband connection which is more unreliable and slower. And as landlines are set to be phased out by the end of 2025, you could end up completely disconnected from the business world for a significant period of time.

Most commercial tenancies will only allow you to connect to an existing network. If there are no existing IT connections, you’re stuck unless a wayleave agreement has been negotiated. This would ensure that a service provider could come in and install your hardware.

Bear in mind that a landlord is not obligated to sign a wayleave agreement. They may offer an alternative such as arranging for installation themselves. However, this would not guarantee that your business needs are catered for effectively.

If the landlord does allow a tenant to arrange for a service provider to install cabling, the service provider will still need confirmation from the landlord that the installation is authorised.

Why does this matter?

It’s all down to a question of rights of possession due to equipment installation. Your landlord will want to make sure that the installation (and, if necessary, removal at the end of the tenancy) isn’t going to cost them any money.

They also must ensure that any installation conforms with health & safety legislation and doesn't compromise the buildings interior or exterior.

The key to ensuring you're not left with a dead router and no internet connection is to plan ahead. That includes putting internet connectivity at the top of your to-do list, including discussing any potential wayleaves agreement with your new landlord.


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