& alterations

If you find that our equipment is preventing your construction or build project, there are several actions we can take to help.

We can:

  • Relocate, remove or adjust our equipment to facilitate your construction process.

  • Ensure that our network is properly managed during any demolition work.

  • Support with any surveys and audits of our equipment affected by your project. We can safeguard them during the construction process and reinstate once your work is completed.

  • Aid in relocation, adjustment or removal of our equipment to facilitate roadworks, bridge constructions and local development efforts.

Before any works can commence, we do need to have the following information in order to make the process as smooth as possible:

  • Agreement on a specification of works and estimation of cost.

  • Final Design detailing the required works to be carried out

  • Overview of project timelines, including the on-site construction schedule and any constraints regarding access to the site.

  • Contact information of the Project Manager or site agent overseeing the works.

Without the above information, we will be unable to provide an estimate of costs. Depending on the scale of the alteration to our network, there may be costs associated with the preparation of the estimate.