What is a good upload and download speed?

Sep 13, 2022

When it comes to internet speeds, it's important to understand what download and upload speeds actually mean.

Download speed refers to the rate at which data can be transferred from the internet to your device.

This includes things like streaming videos, downloading files, and browsing websites.

Upload speed, on the other hand, refers to the rate at which data can be transferred from your device to the internet.

This includes things like sending emails, uploading files, and video conferencing.

So What Are The Best Speeds?

So, what are good upload and download speeds?

It depends on your specific needs and usage, but generally, a good download speed for most people is around 100 Mbps or higher. (These kinds of speeds are available only on a full fibre network!)

This allows for fast downloads of large files and smooth streaming of high-definition videos on multiple devices.

As for upload speed, a good speed is around 50 Mbps or higher, especially for those who frequently use video conferencing or need to upload large files.

What is the minimum broadband speed my business needs?

We often see online articles saying that 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload is plenty of speed to handle your business needs.

We can say quite comfortably it isn't.

We've got a full blog post about it if you want more information about business broadband speeds and the current confusion in the industry.

The long story short is that you need to buy the fastest you can afford as the higher the speeds, the better the quality of connection.

Full Fibre Download Speeds

With our full fibre network, our ISP partners can offer speeds of up to 1 Gbps for both upload and download speeds.

This means lightning-fast internet speeds that are ideal for households with multiple devices, remote workers, and heavy internet users.

Is Your Internet Fast Enough?

In summary, a good download speed is around 100 Mbps or higher, and a good upload speed is around 50 Mbps or higher.

But with full fibre broadband, you can receive speeds of up to 1Gbps for both upload and download speeds, providing lightning-fast internet that can handle video calls, streaming, gaming, browsing, you name it, it's covered!