What is Dark Fibre & What are the Benefits?

Aug 31, 2023

Netomnia is the UK’s fastest-growing fibre broadband operator, providing connectivity solutions through fibre infrastructure to bring ultrafast broadband to residents and businesses across the country.

We are using our expertise to create a brand-new fibre network to provide thousands of premises with access to sustainable broadband that will benefit communities for decades to come.

This approach allows us to deliver multi-gigabit symmetrical broadband to every property connected to our network, providing sufficient bandwidth to ensure all users have access to the best fibre infrastructure of its kind directly to their homes or businesses.

In addition to PON networks and point-to-point ethernet, we also provide dark fibre solutions, working with partners to improve connectivity opportunities for everyone.

What is dark fibre?

Dark fibre refers to unused or unlit optical fibre cables that have been laid but are not currently in use. Organisations can lease or purchase these dark fibre strands to establish their own private network infrastructure, which offers various advantages in terms of control, scalability, and bandwidth.

When using dark fibre, organisations can choose electronic equipment (such as transmitters, receivers, and switches) to light up the fibre strands according to their specific needs.

This allows them to have full control over the network from end to end, including service protocols and bandwidth management. Because the organisations will have exclusive access to the fibre strands, they can optimise the network to their requirements.

Some benefits of using dark fibre include:

Control: Organisations have complete control over the network's configuration, maintenance, and security protocols.

Scalability: Dark fibre provides the potential for virtually unlimited capacity expansion, allowing organisations to adapt to growing data demands without major infrastructure changes.

Security: Since the network is isolated and controlled by the organisation, security can be tailored to specific requirements.

Low Latency: Dedicated use of dark fibre can result in low latency connections, important for applications that require real-time data transmission.

Customisation: Organisations can select the equipment and technology that best fits their needs and customise the network architecture accordingly.

Cost Efficiency: While there's an initial investment in setting up the equipment, leasing or owning dark fibre can be more cost-effective over time compared to recurring leased line costs.

Netomnia and dark fibre

It's worth noting that setting up and managing a dark fibre network requires technical expertise and resources, and that’s where Netomnia comes in.

Using our expertise, our customers and partners can design their own innovative solutions, which they can then install on what is effectively their own mini-private network.

CASE STUDY: Connecting Outdoor Small Cells in the City of London with Netomnia and Freshwave