16,000 Properties in Barry Now Have Access to Full Fibre Broadband

Jul 11, 2023

More than 16,000 homes and businesses in Barry, now have access to full-fibre broadband thanks to Netomnia, the UK’s fourth biggest altnet fibre operator.

Netomnia has been deploying its full fibre network in the area since last year, working to connect around 27,000 properties in Barry, as part of an investment of up to £8.1 million.

Residents in Barry are now benefitting from the UK’s largest exclusively 10Gbps network, meaning that the region’s broadband needs will be met for decades to come.

Netomnia’s full-fibre broadband infrastructure brings with it a host of big-picture benefits to Barry, and the UK as a whole. It brings reliable, ultrafast broadband speeds to under-served communities and introduces competition in areas that already have an existing connection.

Zoltan Kovacs, Managing Director at Netomnia, the UK’s fastest-growing network operator, says: “We know how empowering excellent internet access can be and are working hard to level the digital playing field. We’re thrilled that 16,000 residents in Barry can now enjoy the benefits of our full fibre network with many more to come.

“The fibre infrastructure we are building is future-proofed, allowing people to take full advantage of all the resources on the internet and the opportunities they offer, unleashing their potential. And it will deliver speeds that enable residents to keep up with technology advances and growing demand for bandwidth.”

Alun Cairns, MP for Vale of Glamorgan, concludes: “This is such good news and another boost for Barry. Fast broadband is central to our businesses and home life. Netomnia has invested huge sums in Barry to achieve this milestone and puts the Town on the cutting edge of broadband. This will help create jobs locally and support more people to work from home, rather than travel to Cardiff and further afield.”

To find out if your property is live or if it will be connected to Netomnia’s network, please visit the Postcode Checker.