25,000 Properties in Durham Now Able to Reach Full Potential With Full-Fibre Broadband

Jul 28, 2023

25,000 new homes and businesses in Durham can now access full-fibre broadband thanks to Netomnia, the fourth biggest altnet fibre operator in the UK.

As part of Netomnia’s £13.5 million investment into improving Durham’s digital landscape, residents are now benefitting from the UK’s largest exclusively 10Gbps network. This means that the region’s broadband needs will be met for decades to come.

Netomnia has already been deploying its full fibre network to Durham residents, working to connect over 45,000 properties in the area. With the new broadband infrastructure comes a host of big-picture benefits for Durham residents, such as reliable, ultrafast broadband speeds to under-served communities, as well as introducing competition in areas that already have an existing connection.

Zoltan Kovacs, Managing Director at Netomnia, the UK’s fastest-growing network operator, says: “Ultrafast broadband speeds are a necessity for any modern household or place of work. This is why we have been working so hard in Durham over the past two years to provide a much-needed boost to broadband access.

“We believe that everyone should be able to access broadband that is not only reliable but empowers them to unleash their full potential. Our full-fibre infrastructure allows homes and businesses across Durham to operate more effectively than ever before and future-proofs them as the world becomes better connected.”

Mary Foy, MP for the City of Durham, concludes: “Access to full-fibre broadband is on its way to becoming fundamental to our everyday lives, and many residents and businesses I speak to expect to be able to access faster broadband speeds no matter where they live. It’s great to see the speedy rollout across Durham, and that properties and businesses are able to access this vital infrastructure.

“My congratulations to everyone at Netomnia for passing the incredible milestone of over 25,000 properties now connected to its new, full-fibre broadband infrastructure. This work is helping businesses operate more efficiently, and giving people access to the levels of

connectivity they expect in 2023. I look forward to hearing about their continued success in future-proofing Durham.”

To find out if your property is live or if it will be connected to Netomnia’s network, visit the visit the postcode checker.