Netomnia’s ultrafast fibre broadband network rolled out to five new locations

Apr 27, 2023

Thousands of residents and businesses in Hoddesdon, Bishop Auckland, Castleford, Macclesfield and Didcot will soon have access to Netomnia’s future-proofed fibre infrastructure as part of a combined investment of up to £66 million.

The full-fibre network, which is already being built, will provide full fibre broadband access to approximately 218,000 premises across the five locations, as Netomnia continues towards its initial target of reaching 1 million premises.

The network will allow for upload and download speeds of up to 10Gbps, more than 170 times faster than the UK’s average. This capability means that broadband needs in these areas will be met for decades to come.

Full-fibre broadband infrastructure provided by Netomnia brings many benefits not only to the new locations, but also to the UK as a whole. It facilitates more new businesses, allows local businesses to expand and compete with big brands, and leads to better productivity and innovation. It can also improve access to healthcare, learning and development opportunities.

Zoltan Kovacs, Managing Director at Netomnia, the UK’s fastest-growing network operator, says, “We know how empowering excellent internet access can be and are working hard to level the digital playing field. So, it’s always exciting to start work in new areas, showing residents we are serious about upgrading their local broadband infrastructure.

“Homeowners and businesses will be able to access dramatically increased speeds allowing them to take full advantage of all the resources on the Internet and the opportunities they offer. Our network also enables multiple users in a property to be connected to the internet with multiple devices simultaneously and seamlessly. What’s more, this new network will accommodate even faster speeds in the future, meaning we are future-proofing people for their evolving connectivity needs.”

To find out if your property will be connected to Netomnia’s network, click here.