Netomnia connects first apartment block to its network in Liverpool

Feb 24, 2023

An apartment block in Liverpool is now connected to Netomnia’s full-fibre infrastructure. Residents will benefit from speeds of up to 10Gbps via the Netomnia network, allowing them to stream simultaneously on multiple devices, game without lag, take video calls without interruption and enjoy everything the internet has to offer with ease.

Netomnia is building full fibre infrastructure to over 130,000 premises in the city of Liverpool to provide residents and businesses with access to ultrafast broadband before the copper switch off in 2025 with plans to expand its network to even more premises in the city.

Netomnia’s MDU work in Liverpool was undertaken in partnership with contractor, GL Telecoms, with plans to connect more MDUs in Liverpool over the coming months.

Work to connect apartment blocks (known as multiple dwelling units (MDUs) in the industry) can pose more of a challenge for network rollouts due to the engineering work required and the need for collaborative work with landlords and local authorities to gain permission for the work to be carried out.

Sophia Koopman, Business Development Director at Netomnia said: “We’re delighted to connect our first MDU in Liverpool. Everyone deserves to have seamless access to the wealth of resources that the internet can offer and by working together with landlords and local authorities we can ensure nobody is left behind when it comes to world-class connectivity.”