CASE STUDY: Netomnia’s proactive engagement leads to ultrafast broadband for businesses in Stroud Town Centre.

Jul 11, 2024

Netomnia, a leading full-fibre network provider, in collaboration with local authorities, has enhanced broadband infrastructure in Stroud Town Centre. By partnering with local councils and the chamber of commerce, Netomnia identified the need for improved internet connectivity among businesses, which previously struggled with sluggish speeds between 10 and 30Mbps.

Through strategic planning and stakeholder engagement, Netomnia successfully deployed its full-fibre broadband network, elevating internet speeds to an unprecedented 10,000Mbps enabling Stroud businesses to thrive in the digital age.

The challenge

Before Netomnia's intervention, businesses in Stroud Town Centre faced significant limitations due to inadequate broadband speeds. With a maximum bandwidth of 30mbps, these enterprises encountered hurdles in everyday operations, hindering productivity and growth.

To add to the challenge, Gloucestershire County Council had plans to upgrade the town centre by resurfacing the footways and carriageways. This meant there was a limited amount of time to address any potential construction work required for broadband infrastructure due to restrictions on utilities works on newly resurfaced ground for up to three years.

The solution

Following requests for support from the local community, Netomnia engaged with local councils, council officers and the chamber of commerce to better understand the needs of Stroud Town Centre businesses. By fostering collaborative relationships and actively engaging stakeholders, Netomnia gained valuable insights into the local business needs.

With the local authority's plans for Streetworks and town centre improvements, Netomnia seized the opportunity to build its fibre infrastructure alongside ongoing construction projects—streamlining deployment and minimising disruption to the local community.

Communication with Gloucestershire’s Streetworks and planning teams was crucial for both works to be carried out simultaneously, avoiding a lengthy delay for broadband improvements in the town centre.

Netomnia’s network build was completed in a matter of weeks.

The result

The impact of Netomnia's work with the community has given businesses in Stroud Town Centre the ability to access fast and reliable broadband services which would otherwise be unavailable.

Through Netomnia's partner Internet Service Providers (ISPs), businesses can now experience an enormous increase in internet speeds - from a mere 10mbps to an astounding 10,000Mbps.

This dramatic improvement in connectivity will empower businesses to embrace digital technologies, streamline operations, and unlock new opportunities. From seamless video conferencing to lightning-fast data transfers, businesses can now harness the power of high-speed internet to elevate their competitiveness and deliver improved services to their customers.

Comment from Zoltan Kovacs, Managing Director at Netomnia:

“We were delighted to work with Gloucestershire County Council and the local community to bring this much-needed infrastructure to Stroud Town Centre. With the community now having access to broadband speeds of up to 10,000mbps, this will no doubt revolutionise the way businesses operate, supporting economic growth in the area for decades to come. Stakeholder engagement is an essential part of making this happen for thousands of communities across the UK.”

Comment from Mayor of Stroud & Chairman of the Stroud & District Chamber of Trade & Commerce, Cllr Tony Davey:

“The town’s communities, both residents and commercial, had struggled with unsuitable speeds and unstable connectivity for too long. With blended working and an increased need to do business online, reliable and fast broadband is a necessity. Stroud is going through an exciting period of positive change and improvement, and I feel that having access to a full-fibre network will help provide much needed business service continuity that the town needs to continue to evolve. It will also help ensure our resident communities are well served and that new businesses coming to the town will have the infrastructure needed to thrive here.”


Netomnia's collaboration with local authorities and its strategic deployment of full-fibre broadband infrastructure has futureproofed local businesses in Stroud Town Centre. By delivering ultrafast internet access through partner ISPs like YouFibre, Netomnia has empowered businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital landscape.

Netomnia's work continues in Stroud and the surrounding areas, with around 7,000 premises ready to take a service.