Unlock lightning-fast FTTP
broadband for UK homes faster
with our precision-engineered
XGS-PON network plan.

An accurate fibre network plan is crucial in scaling our FTTP infrastructure quickly. It enables our build teams to deploy fibre optic cable at pace and with accuracy without facing delays and issues.

That is why, by prioritising the foundation of our XGS-PON network, we are able to unlock FTTP broadband for as many homes across the UK as possible.

Our process

Netomnia Town Surveys

Town Surveys

Before starting our fibre network planning within our software, we assess the towns that we rollout in.

Our planning team carry out their due diligence ensuring that future workflow can be efficient and as economical as possible.

By assessing proposed routes and aligning this with desktop surveys, road access information and Openreach data, it paints a holistic picture that allows for a speedy infrastructure design.

Netomnia Leveraging PIA

Leveraging PIA

Leveraging existing PIA (Physical Infrastructure Access) enables us to maintain rapid build progress. There is no need for highly disruptive civils work or lengthy build times.

This also allows for a speedier planning process and enables us to unlock ultrafast fibre broadband for the masses quicker.

Netomnia Utilising Technology

Utilising Technology

Utilising technology has been critical in scaling planning efforts. By streamlining the process of designing our network, it means that we can rollout and build our network more cost-effectively.

It has enabled us to become the first alt-net to deploy in all 4 UK countries.

Netomnia Netomnia Planning

Netomnia Planning

Our planning has been foundational when it comes to the rapid growth of Netomnia.

Planning with speed and accuracy allows for greater collaboration between our teams. Our build teams can trust that the designs they receive have been surveyed and are designed for maximum efficiency.

All of this is to help us rollout across the UK and reach over a million premises helping residents access a broadband connection that can be truly revolutionary.

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