Wayleaves for landowners and private roads

The majority of our network is rolled out using existing duct and pole infrastructure contained on public highways or maintained land. If we need to carry out work in these areas, we gain permission through permitting with the local highways authority.

In some cases, we may identify a requirement to lay new infrastructure on land that hasn't been adopted or that falls outside of the adopted land boundaries. In these instances, we will require a land access or full land wayleave agreement.

What is a land access agreement?

Land access agreements are required where there is existing infrastructure on private land that we need to access to, to install our network.

These are short-form documents as the work involved is usually minor and consists of affixing apparatus to existing poles or feeding cables through existing chambers.

What is a land wayleave agreement?

Land wayleave agreements are needed to install new infrastructure on private land, e.g., the installation of a new pole or chamber to act as a distribution point for our network.

These are slightly longer documents, outlining full clauses for reinstatement, maintenance and notice of works.

If you have received a wayleave request…

If you have received a wayleave request from us, this means that there is part of our network design that falls within your land boundaries. This could be to deliver service to a neighbour or to unlock an entire section of a town or city.

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss moving forward with the agreement as we cannot bring our full fibre network to yours, your neighbours, or even your entire town’s homes without one.