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What is a wayleave?

A wayleave is an agreement between the freeholder and a supplier, in this case Netomnia. This gives the supplier the right to access the property and carry out pre agreed works to install the supplier's infrastructure.

The Wayleave also allows the supplier to maintain the infrastructure under prior notice to the freeholder.

Benefits of full fibre

Netomnia Multiple devices

Multiple devices can be used simultaneously even during peak hours.

Netomnia Full fibre

Full fibre provides excellent download and upload speeds meaning working from home has never been easier as well as a host of other benefits.

Netomnia ISP partner

Our ISP partner YouFibre offers better value per Mbps in comparison to some of the household names. They offer up to 8,000Mbps for residential packages.

Involved costs?

There are absolutely no costs to you for the signing of a wayleave or the installation of full fibre at your property.

Process of installation

The installation process involves drilling a tiny hole in the exterior of building to feed the fibre optic cable into the property.

From here, the cable is plugged into a device called the ONT which will enable the tenant's router to connect to the internet.

It's a very straightforward process that usually takes no longer than a couple of hours.
If an adult over the age of 18 is present during the installation, we can upgrade your property's connection.

Free survey

As a freeholder or a managing agent of rented, leased, or let properties that are within our build plans, you can get in touch with us to arrange a free-of-charge non-intrusive survey of the building.

The survey is to ensure your property is safe for network installation work. While our experts are on-site, they will require access to all common areas outside and inside the building so they can design a unique pack to show the exact routes of the work they will need to do.

With the property’s integrity being our top priority, we make sure our work is carried out professionally at all times.

What are the
next steps

We are here to help accommodate a broadband connection that can keep up with today's digital demand to as many premises as possible.

If you are wanting a full fibre connection, and you are wanting to have a full fibre connection installed, please do reach out to our expert team at