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What is a wayleave

A wayleave is an agreement between the freeholder and a supplier, in this case Netomnia. This gives the supplier the right to access the property and carry out pre agreed works to install the supplier's infrastructure. The Wayleave also allows the supplier to maintain the infrastructure under prior notice to the freeholder

Because you are a tenant, you will need your freeholder’s permission to have full fibre installed to the property.

A wayleave agreement will need to be in place between your freeholder and ourselves in order to connect your home to our full fibre network.

Why is a wayleave

To have our equipment installed within your home, we need the permission of the property owner saying that we are allowed to do so. In this case, the freeholder of your residence.

Without the wayleave agreement in place, you will not be able to access our network.

It is vital that if you have received a letter from us, you open the conversation with your landlord about having full fibre broadband installed.

Alternatively, if you provide us with your freeholder’s details, we can have the conversation on your behalf.

Benefits of full fibre

Netomnia Multiple devices

Multiple devices can be used simultaneously even during peak hours.

Netomnia Full fibre

Full fibre provides excellent download and upload speeds meaning working from home has never been easier as well as a host of other benefits.

Netomnia ISP partner

Our ISP partner YouFibre offers better value per Mbps in comparison to some of the household names. They offer up to 8,000Mbps for residential packages.

Netomnia Netomnia Planning

Effortless working from home experience, a household worth of devices streaming at once, hours of movies downloaded at the click of a button.

What information do
you need to have for
your wayleave

When it comes to the wayleave agreement, the only thing you need to do is express your desire in having full fibre broadband installed to the freeholder of your home.

Open the conversation with your landlord/managing agent and say that you want to upgrade to a full fibre broadband connection.

Alternatively, provide us with your landlord's or managing agent's details and we can open the conversation on your behalf!

What happens next?

Once permission has been granted, you can order your broadband package through our ISP partners.

They will agree an installation date with you and once agreed, the installation team will arrive and install your broadband service just like any other!

Want full fibre broadband?

Email wayleaves@netomnia.com with your freeholder’s details and we can action on your behalf.