How to Choose a New ISP: What To Look For

Nov 3, 2023

Fed up with your internet constantly letting you down?

When it comes to choosing the ideal Internet Service Provider (ISP), there's a world of options beyond the mainstream providers.

You don't have to settle for overpriced plans, unreliable connections, and subpar customer service.

Exploring alternative ISPs can lead you to hidden gems that offer better value and service tailored to your needs.

Let's dive into the steps that will help you choose a new ISP.

Impeccable reliability

Pick an ISP that won't leave you staring at the buffering wheel. Don't assume mainstream providers are the only reliable options; many alternative ISPs pride themselves on dependable service.

Read reviews and look into the technology the ISP uses. If the provider claims to use fibre, make sure that it is FTTP broadband which means it is a full fibre connection!

Find your ideal speed

Choose an internet service package to meet your needs, preventing frustration from sluggish connections or overpaying for speed you may not use. Alternative ISPs often offer a variety of speed options.

Most full fibre ISPs will start their speed offerings at 150Mbps! Be sure to do a speed test now to understand what you currently receive.

Budget-friendly pricing

Escape the high costs associated with mainstream ISPs. Alternative providers frequently offer comparable service at a fraction of the price.

Keep an eye out for installation fees, equipment costs, and promotions that can affect your monthly bill.

After you start your research, you’ll very quickly find internet service providers that offer far better value than some more well-known providers.

Customer service matters

Enjoy personalised and attentive customer service from alternative ISPs.

Avoid being a mere number in a giant corporation's customer database. Responsive support can make all the difference when issues arise.

Look into reviews to see if you can find anything about customer service from existing customers. They’re the true indicator of helpful support!

Eliminate data caps

Free yourself from data caps that restrict your internet use. Alternative ISPs often offer unlimited data usage plans that are ideal for avid streamers, remote workers, and gamers.

Read the fine print or ask the question and be sure to understand if there is a data cap on any package you are thinking of choosing.

Embrace local and regional ISPs

Support local businesses by choosing a local or regional ISP. They're often deeply rooted in their communities and provide specialised services that can be more personalised.

Be sure to research who is available in your area and look past the comparison websites.

Innovation and unique features

Alternative ISPs are often quicker to adopt new technologies and offer innovative features. Keep an eye out for cutting-edge equipment and value-added services that enhance your broadband experience.

The latest in technology is full fibre. A lot of ‘alt-nets’ (alternative broadband network builders to Openreach) are building full fibre networks which means that you can receive faster broadband than what you are currently on.

Bundle for savings

Save money by bundling services, such as TV, phone, and internet, with alternative ISPs. Customise your package to your specific needs and budget.

Thorough research

Investigate your options thoroughly. Read reviews, seek recommendations from friends and family, and check third-party ratings. You may discover alternative ISPs with exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

Risk-free trial periods

Many alternative ISPs are so confident in their services that they offer risk-free trial periods or money-back guarantees. If you're unsatisfied, you can easily switch back or try another alternative provider.

Do ensure that if you go down this route that you are mindful of your cancellation date for your existing provider and new install dates so that you aren’t without internet or paying two providers for a lengthy overlap period.

The choice is yours

Embrace the power of choice and find an ISP that aligns with your lifestyle and budget. Your online experience will thank you for it!