We are here to help unleash human potential by upgrading the UK’s broadband connectivity. Leveraging PIA (Physical Infrastructure Access) wherever possible, has enabled our 10Gbps-capable network to scale across the country.

It has unlocked FTTP broadband for hundreds of thousands of residents in the UK, with more still to come.

This means that new opportunities are being accessed by those who thought it would never be possible.

PIA (Physical Infrastructure Access) is Openreach product/infrastructure that allows other network builders to use the existing paths to rollout their own fibre network.

Utilising this wherever possible, means that we don’t have a need to implement our own infrastructure. This means less disruption, less noise and less mess when deploying our network.

Why PIA is so important

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Cost Savings for Efficiency

By making use of existing physical infrastructure, the initial costs are reduced significantly when rolling out our fibre network. It ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, translating to a more cost-effective network build.

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Rapid Deployment for Immediate Access

Use of PIA enables a quicker deployment of the fibre broadband network. Instead of waiting to construct new equipment, we can swiftly upgrade existing infrastructure, providing residents and business owners with faster access to high-speed broadband services.

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Environmental Responsibility for Community Appeal

Reusing existing infrastructure aligns with our environmental sustainability goals. Fibre networks are also more sustainable to run than their copper network counterparts.

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Enhanced Community Relations for Positive Impact

Leveraging PIA contributes to positive community relations by minimising the disruptions commonly associated with new construction.

This approach is particularly important when deploying networks in residential areas.

We prioritise smoother and more positive relationships with the communities we serve. When we deploy our network, we always build with residents in mind.

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Scalability for Future-Proofing

Utilising existing infrastructure offers a scalable foundation for future expansion. This ensures that the network can easily adapt to increasing demand and evolving market needs. It is vital that a broadband connection can grow with your customer’s requirements, providing a reliable and future-proofed digital service.

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Connecting Premises across the UK

We are here to provide access to a revolutionary broadband connection to as many UK residents as possible.

Harnessing the power of the internet in today’s world can truly be lifechanging. Our network can enable your customers to start leveraging the power that the internet holds.

Online grocery shopping, remote working, smart homes and so much more can be accessed because of the power our full fibre network holds.