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I live just outside of the network build area. Can I still get connected?

It may be possible to have properties added to the network and we will consider each opportunity under its own circumstances. If you are interest in getting added to the network, or want us to consider a new city or town for our network, please do register your interest. We will be sure to take all interest in the network into consideration when planning new areas to connect!

How long does it take you to build a network?

The time it takes us to build the network in each area varies depending on the size of the city or town, the construction technique we are using and any complications we may encounter. While we may be in your area for a few weeks, we are usually only outside each home for two or three days. We will be in touch before we start any construction in your area, and you can keep up to date on the forecasted completion dates through your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

What could cause the network completion dates to change?

There are multiple factors that could impact the forecasted completion date. Bringing our fibre network to your community is a large construction project and requires participation and support of numerous stakeholders including contractors, highways authorities and landowners/landlords. Another major factor of our build is the right working conditions, which are largely dependent on the weather. So while we can't always predict every issue that may arise, we will take this into consideration when providing expected completion dates and will make sure that your service provider is aware of any potential delays as they arise.

How does Netomnia liaise with the local community before, during and after the network build?

We have a dedicated team who engage with your local council, before and during build, to ensure that the community can be kept up to date with the works taking place. We will also keep you updated via marketing material that will give you as much information as possible on the work we are completing and what to expect. Updates can also be found on our website.

How will I know when I can get connected to the Netomnia network?

Whilst we work hard to bring you the benefits of our fibre network, we work with some fantastic ISPs to bring you your connection. To keep updated when the connection for your property is ready for service, register you details with the ISP and they will keep you informed!

What is the process when you build a new full fibre broadband network?

Our teams use advanced systems and technologies to plan the network build prior to any construction work. Our plans are tailored to your community and will ensure that we connect you as quickly as possible, with as little disruption as possible. Our operations team work with forward thinking contractors to begin the build in a methodical and structured way to ensure that the community is connected as quickly as possible. Before and during build, we engage with local authorities and our ISP partners to ensure that you are updated with the build and connection dates.

How do you decide where you are building the network?

We are dedicated to connecting as many premises in the UK to our fibre network as possible. Homes and businesses can benefit from a reliable, high-speed, future-proofed connection. Our build plans are based on areas of the UK that we have identified could hugely benefit from an upgrade of Internet connection! We have a goal of reaching 1 million UK homes and businesses by 2023, so while your area may not be in our current plans, be assured that we are hoping to grow our network and allow as many residents and businesses across the UK to benefit from our future-proofed network.

Will I notice disruption to the community during the network build?

To manage disruption and build swiftly, we use a range of construction methods including using existing underground ducting or overhead poles. On occasion we do need to do some construction work in certain parts of the build, which will require digging in the street to lay our fibre cabling. Making sure we can connect you quickly, with as little disruption as possible, is our top priority. On most occasions we are able to complete the works without any construction work, so you may not even notice us in the area. On the occasion that we complete construction works, we will keep all businesses and residents up to date about works and timeframes.

Will I be able to get in and out of my property during construction?

Throughout our build you will always be able to access your property as usual. During construction our contractors may need to complete works outside your property, but they will ensure that access is available at all times. If you have any concerns during the build, please do get in contact or discuss with the team completing the works.

Will you tell me when you are coming to my street to start construction?

Should any excavation be required on your street, we will let you know we are coming and the timeframe we are expecting to be there. We will hand deliver notification to each property in the surrounding area which will explain the process and the timeframes for the work.

How do I book my installation?

As soon as the construction work is completed to connect your property and it has been deemed ready for service, we will let your Internet Service Provider (ISP) know. Your installation booking will be part of your order placement with your selected ISP. Once you have arranged the installation date, we will work with them to install your property with the required connection.

Who completes the work needed to install my property?

As part of our partnership with our Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Netomnia complete the works on behalf of the provider to install properties onto the network. We work closely with our partner companies to ensure a smooth and enjoyable installation.

I'm a tenant. Can I still get connected if I don't own my property?

Yes, you can still get connected if you don't own your property. We will need written permission from your landlord to get you connected. Your ISP will support you in getting the necessary authorizations from your landlord so we can get your installation booked in.

How does the network get installed into my property and will you dig up my garden?

We will not build anything on your property until you have decided to take up a service with one of our partner ISPs. During the build we install the network in the street using a range of build techniques, leaving access points for your connection in central parts of your street. Once an installation has been arranged through an ISP, we will bring the fibre to your property. This can be done in many ways, and will be dependent on any existing infrastructure you may already have on your property. On most occasions, installations will be completed using existing leadins, or via the overhead network. If neither of these options are viable then our teams will discuss with you the best route to get you connected and ensure that this is agreed prior to any work being completed.

How long does installation take?

Once the network to your property is ready for connection, we work with your ISP to arrange and complete installation. Your ISP will tell you the availability and turn around time of your installation. This will vary depending on your provider. Their terms and conditions, and processes for installation will be inline with the work that we complete on their behalf.

What is network equipment?

To enable us to connect communities and ensure that as many homes and businesses can benefit from our network, there are occasions where we have to install new street furniture. These will consist of new junction boxes, chambers and ducts that will be installed in the public highway, or we will erect new telecommunication poles. Our network can be underground or overhead.

Why do you need to install new equipment?

Wherever possible, we try to utilise existing infrastructure, this not only speeds up the build but it will also ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. On occasions there are areas of the UK that do not have the existing infrastructure for us to use or the existing infrastructure is not accessible to us, and therefore we will install our own new street furniture.

How do you choose which method to use?

Prior to any construction work we complete extensive planning and surveying stages. This allows for us to check for existing infrastructure and plan where we will need to complete construction works. Wherever possible we will utilise the existing infrastructure to connect homes and businesses in your community, however there are occasions that the existing infrastructure is not there, or we are not able to access it. We will then consider either construction works (junction boxes, chambers, ducts) or erecting telecommunication poles. Which method we chose is based on many factors such as the terrain, the space available in the highway and the complexity of the work required.

How do you chose where your network equipment will be placed?

Our planning team use advanced planning systems which allows for them to plan the network to the inch! The team will view your community and roads using our online tools. The positioning of the network equipment is then decided based on the equipment length we are able to use, and most importantly the surrounding area. Following the network and equipment being planned, our team will then survey the area and adjust the placement of the equipment where required.

What planning permission is sought before you build?

As a telecommunications provider, the work we complete is deemed as permitted development and prior to build we ensure that we have all the necessary permissions. We engage with the local authorities and local planning authorities to ensure they are aware of our plans and use their local knowledge and expertise to assist us in planning the network.

Is the local authorities aware of the equipment you will be installing?

We engage with all local authorities and planning teams in the early stages of our planning. This allows us to use their local knowledge to improve our network planning. We want to make sure that we are engaging with those who look after your area to make sure they are aware and in support of our build. Prior to starting any works, we ensure to gain the necessary permissions and permits from the local authorities.

Will you consult the local residents before you install your equipment?

Community engagement is important to us, as we want to make sure that everyone is aware of the benefits and improvements we will bring to an area. Prior to our build homes and businesses will receive notification from us via post to inform of our presence in the area, and the work that we plan to complete. In areas that we are completing construction works (junction boxes, chambers, ducts) or erect communication poles, we will let residents know of our intent by a further letter.

Will you be closing roads in my community?

Most of our construction work can be completed without the necessity of road closure, and we are able to use traffic management to ensure that the road is still usable. On the occasion that we may encounter a road closure, or even if you'd like to understand if traffic management will be present in the area, the details of the work will be published on by your local authority. All excavation works required in the public highway will have been submitted to your local authority for approval prior to us completing any work. We will complete the works as promptly and reopen access as soon as possible.

What are your standards for reinstatement works?

We start reinstatement works, as soon as we begin building and ensure that any trenching required is back-filled and reinstated at the earliest opportunity. This is a vital part of our build process as not only does this protect the network, it also ensures public safety and helps the roads, paths and verges to get back to normal as fast as possible. Our reinstatement works is carried out in line with statutory regulations and in partnership with the relevant local authority, ensuring that the reinstatement has been completed to the required standards and specifications.

The reinstatement in my road looks different from the original

We will always reinstate the area that has been excavated using the same material as the original pathway or verge. Naturally the replacement of new material may look substantially different to begin with, as the area around it may be worn and used. Pathways and roads that have been excavated may look considerably different to begin with, however the trench will fade and wear, blending into the standing area. Grass verges will always replaced with grass where possible, or we reseed the area to make sure that the grass grows back. We are reliant on nature and wear of the area. Please be assured that the scarring will fade.

What happens if there is any damage caused to my private property?

Our contractors take pride in their quality of work, and we will always do our upmost to limit any occasion where we could be of risk of damaging property. If you are concerned that any damage has been caused to your property, please get in touch with us and we will ensure that you query is handled and investigated accordingly.