Bristol to benefit from £47.7 million ultrafast broadband boost

Aug 25, 2022

Netomnia, the UK’s fastest-growing wholesale fibre broadband operator, has today announced that its full fibre multi-gigabit network is now being rolled out in Bristol as part of an initial planned investment of £47.7 million in the area marking its third rollout in a major UK city.  

Netomnia has already started its network rollout in Downend, a suburb of Bristol, and will begin work in the neighbouring communities of Kingswood and Filton in the coming weeks. The company is targeting a total of 159,000 premises in this initial phase, providing residents and business with access to ultrafast full fibre broadband, helping to future-proof and diversify the local economy.

The company is currently rolling out full fibre infrastructure in over 50 exchange areas across England, Scotland and Wales and will soon be starting its first rollout in Northern Ireland, in a bid to become the first alt-net with network present in all four countries in the UK.

The company is partnering with Future Networks to roll out its broadband infrastructure, enabling speedy deployment using cutting edge optical solutions.

Jeremy Chelot, Chief Executive Officer at Netomnia, commented: “We are looking forward to expanding our full fibre network to Bristol, ensuring residents and businesses have access to reliable digital infrastructure that can support the local economy.

“Full fibre allows residents to do everything with ease, providing faster speeds and a more environmentally friendly solution. We are rapidly growing across the UK, currently building at a rate of 30,000 premises passed per month, to ensure as many people as possible have access to fast and reliable full fibre broadband.”

Along with YouFibre, an internet service provider, Netomnia has secured £418 million in funding since 2020 to support its rollout strategy and has recently announced its full fibre network now passes 210,000 premises across the UK, all of which are ready for service.

Netomnia makes wholesale connectivity available to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), building the infrastructure for their broadband services. Its network supports symmetrical (equal upload and download speeds) multi-gigabit services up to 10 Gbps (10,000 Mbps) using XGS-PON technology; this means ISPs using Netomnia’s network will be able to offer their customers reliable ultrafast speeds for decades to come.